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Personal Banking - Mobile Banking

Gracias por su interés en nuestra Banca Móvil, o la Banca a través de su teléfono inteligente es un servicio disponible en inglés.

FBSW Mobile Banking is now available! Please read the Security Tips & Best Practices following the enrollment steps. We hope you enjoy the convenience of FBSW Mobile Banking.


FirstBank Southwest is proud to be your bank on the corner, on your desktop and in the palm of your hand. FBSW
Mobile Banking makes it easy to access your accounts while watching a soccer game or standing in line at the
grocery store. FBSW Mobile Banking is so handy!


FBSW Mobile Banking gives you the freedom to:


  • View your personal accounts, including your checking, savings, loan and CD accounts

  • Check account balances

  • Transfer funds between your personal FBSW accounts

  • Access transaction history

  • Receive Account & Activity Alerts through text messages, including transfer and balance alerts as well as alerts based on activities conducted within Online Banking

  • Locate banking centers or ATMs near you


SMS / Text message banking is available to all cell phones with the ability to send and receive text messages.

*Standard text message rates may apply. FBSW Mobile Banking is supported on most all phones with a mobile web browser that supports cookies. In addition, the downloadable app is supported by most smart phone devices.

*Upon enrolling your phone for FBSW Mobile Banking, choose both SMS/Text Message banking and Mobile Web. Mobile App options are presented during enrollment, if your phone is capable. (The certified Apple iPhone App is free and available through the App Store on an Apple iPhone.)

Are you ready to enjoy FBSW Mobile Banking? Let's get started:

First, log into FBSW's Online Banking.

(*You must be enrolled in FBSW Online Banking to sign up for Mobile Banking. You'll use your secure Online Banking User ID and Password.)

Once you're logged into Online Banking, access the Mobile Banking enrollment page through the Administration menu option. Mobile Banking is the last sub menu option under Administration.

Enrollment Steps


  1. Enroll your phone by choosing "Add phone." Enter your 10-digit phone number & your cell phone provider name.
  2. Activate Text Banking and Mobile Banking. (This ensures a secure connection with your phone. Plus, by checking Text Banking and Mobile Banking, the downloadable app or Apple iPhone app will be available to you, if your phone is capable of using it.)
  3. A text or SMS message will be sent to the cell phone number you provided. (*Text message rates may apply.)
  4. You will simply send a reply text message with your Activation Code that we provided to you through the computer. (You're nearly there!)
  5. Finally, You will receive 2 text messages. The first will say "Text Banking activation successful!", and the second will provide you with a link to click that will take you directly to FBSW Mobile Banking. (You may want to bookmark your Mobile Banking page, for quick future access.)

Congrats! You're set up to enjoy FBSW Mobile Banking.

Security Tips and Best Practices for FBSW Mobile Banking

If your mobile phone supports any or all of the below security options, FirstBank Southwest strongly suggests that you follow these best practices for your protection.

To protect your identity, you should never respond to a text or e-mail that requests your PIN number, account number, or any card number. Please remember that FirstBank Southwest will never request information in this manner.

Many mobile phones have a passcode (password) feature that prevents a lost or stolen phone from being used. Please check with your provider to see if your phone supports this feature. Should your phone have this feature, we recommend you set your phone to require your passcode after one minute of inactivity.

In the event you do lose your phone, your provider might provide a service that will remove your personal information. We recommend that you contact your provider to see if this service is available. This added enhancement would remove your personal information in the event that your passcode is entered incorrectly more than 10 times.

Please remember the following safety tips:


  • Bookmark your mobile banking address to prevent mistyping
  • Don't let your phone automatically log you in or save any of your log-in information.
  • E-mail is never a safe form of communication for any of your personal information.

Remember, should you lose your phone, please call us as soon as possible at 1.800.944.9561.