CDs and IRAs

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Green Tree CD Special - Growing Your Money a New Way!

We are now offering a 2.57% APY on 24 month CD! With this offer we will adjust your rate automatically! When the WSJ Prime Rate changes, your rate will adjust accordingly. Your rate will not fall below the initial rate offer.

Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is subject to change. Minimum balance of $25,000 is required to open a Green Tree CD. The term of the Green Tree CD is 24 months. Early withdrawwal penalties may apply. Offer available at any FirstBank Southwest location. Offer valid 10/18/ to 11/9/18.



Personal Banking - Certificates of Deposit

When you place money in a FirstBank Southwest Certificate of Deposit for a certain time period, you receive higher interest on your insured time deposit. The maturities on CD's range from 30 days to 60 months.

Our Certificates of Deposit pay interest by check or direct deposit, on a monthly, quarterly, or at-maturity basis.

The minimum amount for a certificate is $2500. There is a substantial penalty for early withdrawal.

Open a Certificate of Deposit with a New Account Representative at the FirstBank Southwest location near you. 

Deposits are insured by FDIC.



Personal Banking - Individual Retirement Accounts

An individual with earned income under the age of 70½ years may open an Individual Retirement Account, and the IRA's earnings are tax-deferred for the future.

Our FirstBank IRA is an open account, so additional deposits may be added to the balance. Choose either a fixed-rate or variable-rate Individual Retirement Account. Interest is compounded daily.

Unlike most self-directed IRA's, we do not have maintenance fees or transfer fees.

The minimum opening deposit is $100. There is a substantial penalty for early withdrawal. Funds withdrawn before age 59½ must be transferred to another qualified plan, or they will be subject to an additional government penalty.

Deposits are insured by the FDIC. IRA's are insured separately from an individual's other deposit accounts at FirstBank Southwest.

Contact the New Accounts Representative for more information on opening your Individual Retirement Account.

For additional information on Traditional and Roth IRAs contact a New Account Representative at your nearest FirstBank Southwest location.