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Provides for payment of insufficient funds up to pre-set limit, with fee based on number of NSF items presented. This means that should you inadvertently overdraw your account we have the discretion to cover your overdrafts up to the pre-set limit after first subtracting the amount of the overdraft fee(s) as outlined in the Discretionary Overdraft Privilege Policy. The amount of Discretionary Overdraft Privilege may be available to you for ATM cash withdrawals, ACH transactions, telephone and Internet banking and when you use your debit card or write a check for purchases at retail merchants. When your items are paid, this service will help save you the embarrassment and inconvenience of a returned item as well as the fee normally charged to you by merchants for items returned to them. Overdraft Privilege is not a line of credit.

You may remove Discretionary Overdraft Privilege from your account(s) at any time by completing and signing an opt out form. 

Available on most accounts. Contact your nearest FirstBank Southwest location for additional information. 

Discretionary Overdraft Privilege Policy (PDF)

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