Jack Checking & Savings Accounts for Kids

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Checking & Savings Accounts designed for children under 18 years old. Learn the nuts and bolts of banking!

Jack Checking & Savings Accounts are accounts that offer financial education and benefits to children under 18 years of age, making them great for students learning about money management. With Jack Accounts, there are Parental controls and pre-determined automatic transfers from your (parent) account, to the Jack Checking and/or Jack Savings account. Additionally, there are pre-set daily spending limits with the Jack CheckCard to help your child learn to budget and keep spending records.  Jack Accounts offer a fun and easy way to learn money management, with parental safe-guards.

 Jack Checking Account

• No minimum balance required
• No monthly service charge
• No transaction fees
• Free online banking & monthly eStatements
• Minimum opening deposit is $20.

Jack Savings Account

• Unlimited deposit transactions
• Quarterly Statements
• Interest is compounded/paid quarterly on all collected balances
• Transfers to another account or to third parties by preauthorized, automatic, telephone, or computer transfer by check, draft, debit card, or similar order, are limited by law to six per month. After six withdrawals per quarter, there is a $1.00 fee per additional withdrawal.
• Minimum opening deposit is $20.

Let us help you & your kids get started on a good financial path today!