The FBSW Values are the qualities the Bank has deemed important enough to drive all of our decisions. When making decisions, we should be asking ourselves, “How does this decision impact our values?” If there is any kind of negative impact to our values, then we should be questioning that decision. These values are what we hold ourselves accountable to. They set performance expectations and drive the work that we do.

Treating every customer with respect, consistently meeting their needs, and exceeding their expectations.

We will keep in mind that we work in hyper-competitive marketplaces. Our customers pay us the PRIVILEGE of their business! We recognize that we have to earn their patronage and trust every day. No matter whether we are having a great day or challenging day, we will always engage with the customer, smile, be positive, call the customer by name, and THANK THEM for allowing us to be of service!

Conducting interactions with honest, ethical, and strong moral principles; treating our customers, and each other, with a high level of respect.

We will treat our customers, and each other, with the utmost level of respect. We commit ourselves to the simple principle of “Always do the right thing in the right way.”

Performing at our highest level.

We commit ourselves to excel at everything we do. We believe that we must continuously get better. To that end – we will set goals, stay focused with milestones, and celebrate our achievements.

Taking responsibility for your actions, doing what is expected of you, and leading by example.

We will hold ourselves to the highest standards and do everything in our power to help our co-workers achieve those same ideals.

Working together and collaborating to provide the expected customer experience.

As a cohesive team, we can achieve more than that of an individual. We will value and respect what every person brings to the organization in order to provide the best and most consistent quality experience. Each employee should promote a “how can I help” attitude to each other.

Efficiently sharing information in a collaborative and proactive manner.

Good communication is essential in the workplace, it promotes productivity and helps maintain strong working relationships. We will strive to simplify communication channels and promote effective communication in all that we do. We will communicate timely with customers and other employees through all communication channels.


The FirstBank Southwest Guiding Principles drive our culture. These are the principles that unite the Bank to a common good. The principles provide the direction needed to make FBSW the best place to work and an outstanding organization in the community.


At the end of the day, we at FirstBank Southwest are one big loyal family. We are the ones that are committed to waking up every day and living it…making the Bank the best that it can be. To be the best, each of us must nurture and respect this amazing family and all of its members. We are accepting of all and excluding of none. Recognizing that each of us have our own individual beliefs, ambitions, hopes, and dreams; we commit to the collective purpose of working, playing, smiling, laughing, crying, and succeeding as the true family we are. “Faith. Family. Bank.” are not just words to us; they are how we live our working lives.


We understand that we are a vital part of the communities we serve. Therefore, we are all encouraged to be good and responsible citizens by participating in activities, groups, events, and causes that enhance our quality of life. Our current and future customers are our friends and neighbors who help us succeed in that initiative in building a great community. Together we will make a difference!


We recognize that we spend the majority of our time at FirstBank Southwest. Those working hours are filled with all of the emotions that come with being a family. To be the best family, we commit to having fun, smiling, laughing, and bringing joy into the lives of our co-workers, our customers, our communities, and ourselves. We work hard, we love what we do, and have fun doing it!


We are proud of who we are and how we got here; both as individuals and as a company. Recognizing that if we are not moving forward, we are moving backwards, therefore we are always striving to reach our highest potential. We are excited to embrace our future and all that it holds. WE ARE FIRSTBANK SOUTHWEST!

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