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2018 Texas Rain Catcher Award - FBSW Receives Texas Rain Catcher Award


We were mentioned in Texas Water Newsroom!

Water conservation is an important topic of discussion every Earth Day. Communities, businesses and individuals discuss ways they can tailor their water use to be more efficient.

At FirstBank Southwest, we implement creative ways to conserve. Recently The Texas Water Development Board honored us with the Texas Rain Catcher Award for water conservation efforts at our Western Banking Center.

The board gives this award for excellence in the application of rainwater harvesting systems in Texas. The award serves to promote rainwater harvesting technology and educate the public on water-saving practices.

During construction of our Western location, we built a rainwater collection system underneath the parking lot. This became one of the largest commercial rainwater harvesting installations in our area.

image 1 - FBSW Receives Texas Rain Catcher Award

Before construction, the site allowed 100% of rainwater runoff to enter the City of Amarillo’s storm water system. By adding an on-site rainwater harvesting system, we have reduced the amount of water used for landscaping purposes and lessened storm water runoff in this flood-prone area.

“When you think about it, we are doing the same thing that our early predecessors did. They had to capture water in order to maintain a viable lifestyle,” said Smith Ellis, FBSW Chairman of the Board.

Rain falls on the parking lot and the building’s metal roof, then downspouts channel it from the roof to the pavers. Once below the pavers, the water flows through gravel backfill into 530 linear feet of perforated pipe. The pipe conveys the water into an underground tank.

You are welcome to come by the Western Banking Center to see the attractive landscape that has native drought-tolerant plants.

FirstBank Southwest (“FBSW”) was founded in 1907 and family owned since 1934. FirstBank Southwest is a dynamic 1.6B+ regional bank that has the privilege of serving the families and businesses of the Texas Panhandle, DFW Metroplex, and Austin and San Antonio metro markets. It is the mission of FBSW to be the preferred community bank in the great state of Texas by providing focused financial services for commercial customers and retail customers. Get social with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Visit us on our webpage at:


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