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Are you still receiving bank statements in the mail? Consider the convenience of paperless banking. With advances in mobile banking systems and handy e-Statements, paperless banking has never been easier and more convenient. Here are a few of the many benefits of making the switch to paperless banking:

Electronic statements

When you sign up to receive e-Statements, you will have access to your account statements online. You can view and download your account statement each month. With convenient e-Statements, you can access your statements from previous months and years. Rather than waiting to get your statement by mail, you can access your electronic statement as soon as it’s posted.

Improved account management

Paperless billing reduces the risk of fraudulent and unauthorized transactions. You can access your information electronically and will be aware when something does not look correct. Electronic management allows you to spot fraud quickly. The sooner you spot a fraudulent transaction, the less chance of those transactions growing into a huge problem.

Find transactions quickly

With electronic banking, you can quickly find recent transactions. You can reference older transactions by going through your past e-Statements. You can monitor the status of checks, like a check you sent months ago that still hasn’t cleared your account. Going paperless allows for quick insight into your finances and allows you to plan for expenses and payments.

Reduced risks of identity theft

Identity theft is a huge concern. With paperless banking, you no longer have to worry about disposal methods for your old bank statements. Unfortunately for banking customers, those seeking to commit fraud will go to great lengths to steal an individual’s banking information. Some have had bank statements stolen from their trash. Even if you shred your documents, there are people patient enough and willing to put them back together like a puzzle.

Customer control

Our customers enjoy having access to self-service features like e-Statements and mobile banking. These benefits allow them to access their account details where and when it’s convenient for them. They can access complete, accurate information on their accounts at any time of the day. Paperless banking makes keeping track of your finances that much easier.

Making the switch

Transitioning to paperless banking is easy. Signing up for mobile banking and e-Statements is a simple process. We’re here to explain your options and make banking easy for you. Call us at 806.355.9661 or stop by your nearest FirstBank Southwest Location today to make the switch to paperless banking.

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