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As an entrepreneur, you’re busy trying to sustain or grow business success. It’s easy to overlook important aspects of your business finances. It is vital that every small business owner works closely with a bank to make sure their financial needs are being serviced. Whether it’s handling daily deposits or securing a business loan, your bank is integral to your financial management. Small business owners, keep these banking tips in mind.

You may have to pay checking fees

Business accounts typically carry monthly fees, unlike personal checking accounts. The fees are usually inexpensive and your bank may waive them if you meet the minimum balance requirement. We offer several different business checking accounts to meet your needs. Compare business checking accounts to find the most affordable option for your business.

Banking relationships are important

Every small business owner should consult several professionals to ensure they make wise financial moves for their business. In addition to a lawyer and accountant, your business should have a trusted banker. These professionals can offer critical information about your business plans in a manner that makes sense to you. Community banks work hard to make sure they establish strong lines of communication with their customers. Consider choosing a small, community bank with these services to meet your needs.

Covering small business expenses

If you’re new to operating a small business, you may need to borrow funds for your expenses. You may qualify for a small business loan or a credit card to cover these expenses. This is why it’s important to choose a bank with loan options to help you pay for things like vehicles and inventory for your business. Educate yourself on your options and speak to a loan officer at our financial institution to discuss your options.

Choose a full-service bank

Business management is tough enough without having to bounce from bank to bank. Simplify the process by finding a single bank to handle all your financial needs. Our bank offers business loans, checking and savings services, treasury management services, and credit card processing.

A business relationship with FirstBank Southwest opens the door to a full spectrum of financial services, creating an opportunity for growth in your business. We’ve worked with businesses in the greater Texas Panhandle for over 100 years. Stop by your nearest FirstBank Southwest location or call us today at 806.355.9661 for more information.

FirstBank Southwest (“FBSW”) was founded in 1907 and family owned since 1934. FirstBank Southwest is a dynamic 1.6B+ regional bank that has the privilege of serving the families and businesses of the Texas Panhandle, DFW Metroplex, and Austin and San Antonio metro markets. It is the mission of FBSW to be the preferred community bank in the great state of Texas by providing focused financial services for commercial customers and retail customers. Get social with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Visit us on our webpage at:

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